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From: Liz Tomey
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Dear Fellow Marketer,

So here's the truth... If you don't build a relationship with your readers they will NEVER buy from you.

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That's why I've created these 15 relationship building email templates because it's vital that you start building a relationship with your list right now!

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When most people are struggling to get 5% - 10% email open rates I can get open rates as high as 76% talk about relationship building!

All you have to do with these emails is edit them with your info, load them into your autoresponder, and then as people sign up to your list it automatically builds rapport and trust with them.

This is truly one of the easiest automated systems you will get access to.

This removes the uncertainty that so many people experience when doing email marketing.

These 15 emails allow you to...
Build a solid relationship with your list on autopilot!

Remove uncertainty involved about best way to build relationship with list!

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Relationship Building Emails

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Relationship Building Emails